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Midwest Amateur Hockey Association

News and Updates

June 24, 2023 Annual Meeting Registration

Association Directors/MWAHA Representatives: Please use the below link to RSVP for the June 24, 2023 MWAHA meeting in Des Moines at the West Des Moines Marriott.  It is required that each youth associations MWAHA Director attend.  Directors must be present to vote.  Click HERE to view the Association Director list.

Other association positions that need to register using the below link but don't need to attend the June 24th meeting:
Vice President
Risk Manager
Coaching/Hockey Director
SafeSport Coordinator
Travel Coordinator
Select Coordinator

If you are NOT able to attend but hold one of the above positions within your Association, please register so we can communicate with you this upcoming season.

Friday June 23, 2023: Social Reception
Saturday Jun 24, 2023:  Annual Meeting

All events at the West Des Moines Marriott

Association Compliance Forms Due by August 31, 2022

At the start of each hockey season there are a few items that each Association needs to complete and return to the MWAHA Compliance Officer by August 31st.   Information and documents for this process can be found at this link.

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MWAHA Mission Statement

The Midwest Amateur Hockey Association (MWAHA), a not-for profit Affiliate of USA Hockey, Inc. with the primary purpose of providing leadership and initiatives to promote the great game of ice hockey in our area communities. The MWAHA will nurture a positive experience for members by overseeing, organizing, and developing hockey programs for all ages through the development of coaches, officials and volunteers to carry out the articulated objectives of our members. We are accountable to protect and serve our members and to place the players and the game in the forefront. Never losing focus of our core values: Sportsmanship…Respect for the Individual…Integrity…Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team and Organizational Level…Enjoyment…Loyalty…Teamwork. 

Promoting a safe positive experience, community pride and involvement for all