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Safesport Training & Background Check Info

SafeSport Handbook

2023-2024 SafeSport Information

2023-2024 Season:
SafeSport Training and Background Check need to be completed PRIOR to the start of the season and BEFORE you have any on-ice or off-ice contact with players! Check your certification expiration date!

Who needs to complete SafeSport Training and Background Check?
Team Managers
Locker Room Monitors
Board Members
Billet Parents
Anyone in leadership or with routine access to players

Background Check is required every two (2) years.  Screens cost $30 per screen/$150 if applicant has lived consecutively outside of the US for 6 months during the past 7 years.  If the only country lived in, outside of the US is Canada, then the screen is only $75.

Check with your local Registrar or Coaching Director to find out how to proceed with background check.

SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on 4/1/20.  SafeSport is a mandatory yearly training, every year you will need to complete a Refresher course. Every 4th year you will be directed to take the entire course over.   This is an online course, see link below. There is no cost for this training and it's available online. 

SafeSport Training for Players with 2005-2006 birth years and earlier will also be required to take the SafeSport Core Training or Refresher Course prior to participation for the 2023-2024 season.

***Important Note: All interested volunteers must contact their local association Registrar or Coaching Director to confirm that you will be participating with the program prior to registering with USA Hockey or completing the Background Screen. Failure to contact your Registrar or Coaching Director prior to Registration or Background Check may result in your Association seeking reimbursement for certain fees.

USA Hockey Registration and SafeSport Training

You must have your USA Hockey number before starting the process.

  1. Register with USA hockey as a coach or volunteer:

Safesport Training - Online Module:

  1. Safesport training module link:

Background Check: 

  1. After you register as a Coach or Volunteer with USA Hockey and receive your USA Hockey number, then register as a Coach or Volunteer with your local club either through their online registration system or by forwarding your USAH membership email and number to your association Registrar or Coaching Director.  Your local Registrar or Coaching Director will let you know how to proceed with background check.