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Association Compliance

At the start of each hockey season there are a few items that each Association needs to complete and return to the MWAHA Compliance Officer by August 31st.

Todd Larsen


1) Association Agreement (form below)
2) Copy of your Associations most recent approved bylaws
3) Your EIN number
4) Copy of your most recent IRS form 990 (not for profit youth associations). Or tax return (for profit adult associations).
5) A statement that you are in good standing with the IRS as a not for profit. This can be a written statement provided by the President of your Association.
6) For Adult only associations that are for profit, you can replace the requirement for bylaws with your rules and policies
7) Update the MWAHA webpage with your current board members. If you do not have a login, someone at your association probably does.  Or email to get set up. 
8) Please have each of the following people in your Association register themselves at the below link for the current season. This will provide us with the proper database to keep the proper people up to date.

In addition to the above items, please have the people that are in the below positions submit their contact info using the below link so we can effectively communicate with everyone. PLEASE have each person register themselves individually.

MWAHA Director(s)
Vice President
Risk Manager
Coaching Director
SafeSport Coordinator
Travel Coordinator
House Select Coordinator