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About the Mid-West Affiliate

The Mid-West Amateur Hockey Association (MWAHA) was originally established as the Tri-State Amateur Hockey Association. The MWAHA is the official governing body for USA Hockey, covering the states of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. The MWAHA is a 501c3 not for profit organization.

All of the associations in IA, KS & NE that register with USA Hockey form the overall MWAHA board. By agreement with Missouri Hockey, the associations in proximity to the greater Kansas City area also associate with MWAHA even through their mailing addresses are in Missouri.
Each association within MWAHA is required to be in compliance with the MWAHA requirements. The list of requirements are listed in the Policies / procedures section of the website.
The MWAHA main purpose is to assist in the growth and development of hockey according to the following key values;
·         INTEGRITY
·         ENJOYMENT
·         LOYALTY
·         TEAMWORK
A full description of MWAHA values can be viewed in the MWAHA bylaws
The MWAHA Board meets in May, generally after the winter hockey season and in August, before the winter season starts. During the interim the MWAHA Executive Board (Elected Officers & Appointed Directors) conducts business for the organization. Special meetings of the entire board are called if necessary.

MWAHA Mission Statement

The Midwest Amateur Hockey Association (MWAHA), a not-for profit Affiliate of USA Hockey, Inc. with the primary purpose of providing leadership and initiatives to promote the great game of ice hockey in our area communities. The MWAHA will nurture a positive experience for members by overseeing, organizing, and developing hockey programs for all ages through the development of coaches, officials and volunteers to carry out the articulated objectives of our members. We are accountable to protect and serve our members and to place the players and the game in the forefront. Never losing focus of our core values: Sportsmanship…Respect for the Individual…Integrity…Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team and Organizational Level…Enjoyment…Loyalty…Teamwork. 

Promoting a safe positive experience, community pride and involvement for all