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to the Midwest Amateur Hockey Association. Official Affiliate of USA Hockey.

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Hello Potential/Returning Official:

Due to Covid-19 and varying restrictions nationwide, our seminar information is a bit delayed in publication. Discussion is currently underway, and we expect some parameters and information to come soon; most likely by early July. We WILL have officiating seminars this year. 

In the meantime, please register with USA Hockey. You can also complete other requirements, such as the online learning modules, Safesport screening, and background screening. Rest assured, we will post ALL seminar information as soon as we are able. Until then, we are here to help with any other steps in the registration process. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to an exciting season ahead! 



MWAHA Officiating Administration


Nebraska State Supervisor


Kansas State Supervisor

Phone: Please contact the Affilate RIC directly during the interim.

Nic Meyer

Associate Referee in Chief


Kendal Hill

Iowa State Supervisor/Ref'r'Ranger ADMINISTRATOR




Phone: Please contact the Affiliate RIC directly during the interim

Jordan Crowell

MWAHA Referee in Chief


Officiating Resources

Documents for Officials

Officials Central District Level 4 Seminar policy


• The Level 4 Skating Test MUST be administered prior to an official taking their Level 4 Closed Book Exam. 

• The skating test contains 27 elements, with 3 bonus points for speed. For an official to score a 22 on this test, they would have missed 5 elements and receive zero bonus points for speed.

• Any Level 4 applicant who scores a 22 or less on their skating test will only be eligible to take the Level 3 Closed Book Exam. The required score for the Level 3 Exam is 40 out of 50 or 80%. If the official gets 11 or more questions incorrect, the official will be reclassified as a Level 2.

MWAHA Officiating Feedback

Coaches, team officials, and on/off-ice officials are invited to use this form to provide feedback about an on-ice or off-ice official that is working a MWAHA sanctioned game.  This form may be used to report observations of exemplary performance and to report incidents of concern.

Link to Form: MWAHA Officiating Feedback Form

MWAHA & League - Rule Notices

Minor Penalties

Rule 402: Affiliates or governing bodies are authorized to reduce the length of minor penalties to no less than one and one-half minutes for games under their jurisdiction where the period length is reduced to 15 minutes or less.

Note: The three Leagues sanctioned within the MWAHA include the Mid-West League, Mid-West High School League, and the Nebraska House League.

The MWAHA Executive Board has approved use of this rule as follows…

  • Motion 1: The MWAHA will allow leagues sanctioned by the MWAHA to designate that 1.5-minute penalties will be used in games that have periods of 15 minutes or less.
  • Motion 2: The MWAHA will allow the home team within any MWAHA area association to designate that 1.5-minute penalties can be used in games that have periods of 15 minutes or less. The sanctioned MWAHA Leagues ruling takes priority.

Officiating Requirements for MHL Sanctioned Games

  • Three-Official System (Mandated & Compensated for by the MHL)
    • 18U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 16U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 14U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 12U – AA Only/All Weekends (12U-A and below optional)
  • All MHL games, regardless of whether it is a Seeding or Finals weekend, require a minimum of one official (preferably two) to be over 18 years of age.
  • All MHL sanctioned games require two off-ice officials, one clock operator and one scorebook keeper.
  • Adult Goal Judges are not mandatory but are encouraged.
  • Competing teams will provide penalty box attendants for their respective teams.
  • All off-ice officials, goal judges, and penalty box attendants are to conduct themselves in a professional, non-partisan manner always. Conduct violations will result in ejections from MHL weekends for the remainder of the season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Local Assignor who assigns "non-complete" registered officials to games is subject to serious liability as he/she jeopardizes the insurance coverage of the officials and players involved. Updated listings of currently registered officials are available from the District Referees-in-Chief or District Database Coordinator.

HECC Helmet Label

  • Under no circumstances should a player, parent, or team official, remove or damage the HECC and CSA labels on a player’s equipment.
  • Doing so will void the certification, which in turn could prevent a player from participating in their game.

Neither HECC, nor the helmet manufacturer, can replace the certification stickers so please do not attempt to obtain one through either entity.