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to the Midwest Amateur Hockey Association. Official Affiliate of USA Hockey.

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MWAHA Officiating Administration


Nebraska State Supervisor


Kansas State Supervisor

Phone: Please contact the Affilate RIC directly during the interim.

Nic Meyer

Associate Referee in Chief


Kendal Hill

Iowa State Supervisor/Ref'r'Ranger ADMINISTRATOR




Phone: Please contact the Affiliate RIC directly during the interim

Jordan Crowell

MWAHA Referee in Chief


Officiating Resources

Documents for Officials

Officials Central District Level 4 Seminar policy


• The Level 4 Skating Test MUST be administered prior to an official taking their Level 4 Closed Book Exam. 

• The skating test contains 27 elements, with 3 bonus points for speed. For an official to score a 22 on this test, they would have missed 5 elements and receive zero bonus points for speed.

• Any Level 4 applicant who scores a 22 or less on their skating test will only be eligible to take the Level 3 Closed Book Exam. The required score for the Level 3 Exam is 40 out of 50 or 80%. If the official gets 11 or more questions incorrect, the official will be reclassified as a Level 2.

MWAHA Officiating Feedback

Coaches, team officials, and on/off-ice officials are invited to use this form to provide feedback about an on-ice or off-ice official that is working a MWAHA sanctioned game.  This form may be used to report observations of exemplary performance and to report incidents of concern.

Link to Form: MWAHA Officiating Feedback Form

MWAHA & League - Rule Notices

Minor Penalties

Rule 402: Affiliates or governing bodies are authorized to reduce the length of minor penalties to no less than one and one-half minutes for games under their jurisdiction where the period length is reduced to 15 minutes or less.

Note: The three Leagues sanctioned within the MWAHA include the Mid-West League, Mid-West High School League, and the Nebraska House League.

The MWAHA Executive Board has approved use of this rule as follows…

  • Motion 1: The MWAHA will allow leagues sanctioned by the MWAHA to designate that 1.5-minute penalties will be used in games that have periods of 15 minutes or less.
  • Motion 2: The MWAHA will allow the home team within any MWAHA area association to designate that 1.5-minute penalties can be used in games that have periods of 15 minutes or less. The sanctioned MWAHA Leagues ruling takes priority.

Officiating Requirements for MHL Sanctioned Games

  • Three-Official System (Mandated & Compensated for by the MHL)
    • 18U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 16U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 14U – All Levels/All Weekends
    • 12U – AA Only/All Weekends (12U-A and below optional)
  • All MHL games, regardless of whether it is a Seeding or Finals weekend, require a minimum of one official (preferably two) to be over 18 years of age.
  • All MHL sanctioned games require two off-ice officials, one clock operator and one scorebook keeper.
  • Adult Goal Judges are not mandatory but are encouraged.
  • Competing teams will provide penalty box attendants for their respective teams.
  • All off-ice officials, goal judges, and penalty box attendants are to conduct themselves in a professional, non-partisan manner always. Conduct violations will result in ejections from MHL weekends for the remainder of the season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Local Assignor who assigns "non-complete" registered officials to games is subject to serious liability as he/she jeopardizes the insurance coverage of the officials and players involved. Updated listings of currently registered officials are available from the District Referees-in-Chief or District Database Coordinator.

HECC Helmet Label

  • Under no circumstances should a player, parent, or team official, remove or damage the HECC and CSA labels on a player’s equipment.
  • Doing so will void the certification, which in turn could prevent a player from participating in their game.

Neither HECC, nor the helmet manufacturer, can replace the certification stickers so please do not attempt to obtain one through either entity.