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to the Midwest Amateur Hockey Association. Official Affiliate of USA Hockey.

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Boys Player Development

2018 Boys Player Developement Results

2001 2002
1 G Avery Sturtz 1 G Stephon Maslikowski
2 G Devin Chapman 2 G Spencer Northway
ALT G Chase Pabst ALT G Jake Bacon
1 D Luke French 1 D Noah Eillis
2 D Tyler Fittro 2 D Tyler Sandborn
3 D Dominic Chirico 3 D Christopher Gunnare
4 D Jarod Morgan 4 D Cameron Grajewski
5 D Carter Hobbs 5 D Bryce Battaglia
ALT D Russ Tedesco ALT D Gunner Vignaroli
ALT D ALT D Athony Olson
1 F Gabriel Dunkle 1 F Carter Casper
2 F Andrew Kozol 2 F Dallas D'Amato
3 F Jack Zimmer 3 F Blake Hawkins
4 F Christopher Johnson 4 F Cameron Crolley
5 F Creighton McMahon 5 F Carter Watters
6 F Jaden Tejral 6 F Lucas McKay
7 F Even Ross 7 F Kaden Hjelm
8 F Michael Mulkerrin ALT F Alexander Murphy
ALT F Michael Steggall ALT F Cole Gillialand
ALT F Blake Stockwell
2003 2004
1 G Caleb Rasity 1 G Alex Ramirez
2 G Christopher Chirico 2 G Eli Morrison
ALT G Eric Chaffe ALT G Nolan Elkerman
1 D Mason Witt 1 D Braden Rourke
2 D John Sullivan 2 D Logan Anderson
3 D Breckin DenHartog 3 D Grant Burback
4 D Brendan Shaner 4 D Gabriel Myers
5 D Josh Blaha 5 D Kaleb Ramsey
ALT D Christopher Deconcillis 6 D Charlie Lowndes
ALT D 7 D Lucas Van Berkel
1 F Luke Buss ALT D Owen Schoonover
2 F Blake Bakey 1 F Rutger MCGroatry
3 F Andrew King 2 F Cale Naeve
4 F Marcus Miller 3 F Joshua Oswald
5 F Casey Winders 4 F Joey Podraza
6 F Gage Gaherty 5 F Lincoln Whitaker
7 F Ashton Christman 6 F Gabe Kenne
8 F Luke Wareham 7 F Charles Brownell
ALT F Dakota Lenz 8 F Liam Joyce
9 F Reese Freeman
10 F Jackson Beach
11 F Zachary Orwig
ALT F Jory Vennstra
ALT F Jack Wallace

2018 MWAHA Boys Player Develpment Registration

2018 MWAHA Boys Player Develpment Registration

Registration Link

The Midwest Amateur Hockey Association (MWAHA) Player Select Development Camp for USA Hockey will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Friday March 30th, 2018 & Saturday March 31st, 2018.  Cost $105.00. The age groups for this year camp are for the birth years:

2004-2003-2002-2001 (14-17) age group. 

Registration closes on March 25th, 2018.

Please refer to website for more detail or by calling Doug Dietz @ 319-239-2349 or email at   This camp fills up very quickly please make sure to register as soon as possible.     

Registration is now open.  Click on players development logo to register.

Doug Dietz

USA Hockey

Central District

Coach in Chief

2018 MWAHA Boys Player Develpment Registration Schedule

2018 Player Development Cedar Rapids IA
Check in Friday March30, 18 2004 14 8-830
2003 15 8-830
2002 16 945-1015
2001 17 945-1015
ICE Time Rink OLY Rink NHL
Friday March 30,2018
14-2004 9-1015AM Red/White 15-2003 9-1015AM Red/White
14-2004 1030-1145AM Blue/Kell 15-2003 1030-1145AM Blue/Kelly
16-2002 12-115PM 17-2001 12-115PM
14-2004 3-415PM 15-2003 3-415PM White/Kelly
14-2004 430-545PM 15-2003 430-545PM Kelly/Red
16-2002 6-715PM 17-2001 6-715PM
Saturday March 31, 2018 Rink OLY Rink NHL
15-03 8-9AM Blue/Red 14-04 8-9AM Blue/Red
15-03 9-15-1015AM Kelly/White 14-04 915-1015AM Kelly/White
17-01 12-100PM 16-02 12-100PM
Saturday March 31,2018 Goalies Session All Ages on Ice
OLY RINK 1030-1145AM
Schedule Subject to Change Schedule Subject to Change

Doug Dietz

USA Hockey Central District Coach in Chief/Director of Player Development

Phone: 319 239 2349

Boys' Process

Step #1: Mid-West Select Camp

Players who sign up participate in games spread out over 2-3 days. Evaluators from the Mid-West region select players to advance to the next level/step.

Step #2: Mid-West Programs & Central District Tryouts
Some players selected from step #1 will go to the Central District tryouts. The Central District Tryouts contain players from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Mid-West.

Some players selected from step #1 will attend the Central District Bantam Camp & other Mid-West programs.

Step #3: USA Hockey National Development Program
The players selected from the Central District tryouts (step #2 above) go on to participate in development events and festivals organized and provided by USA Hockey.

USA Hockey National Team Development Program (NTDP) Information

Players from the Central District tryouts advance into the USA Hockey NTDP. The NTDP includes Festivals and Development camps from which players for the USA Hockey 17U National teams are selected.

 Players selected from the Mid-West Select Camp move on to:

  • Earn a spot at the Central District Tryouts (01, 02, 03, 04)

Central District Festival Team Tryouts
Selected 2001's from Central -> (Facility TBD)
Selected 2002's from Central -> (Facility TBD)
Selected 2003's from Central -> (Facility TBD)

Players from Mid-West, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri compete at the Central District tryouts for a spot on a USA Hockey Festival team or to attend a USA Hockey Development Camp. At Central District tryouts, players who advance from the Mid-West Select Camp are placed on a tryout team. Competitors and teammates will include players from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri Tier I AAA teams.

Attend the Central District Bantam Camp @ ISU in Ames, Iowa (04)

District Bantam Camp

04s will be selected to attend the District Bantam Camp from the Mid-West tryouts. Skaters from the entire group of camp attendees will be chosen to attend the National Development Camp in Rochester, NY.

From the Mid-West Select Camp, players will be selected to attend a one week Camp to be held at the Iowa State University facilities in Ames, Iowa. This camp is put on by the Central District, and coaches/instructors can include USHL/College coaches, former Pro/College players, and USA Hockey staff.

The Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois web site has more information.

Who Qualifies

14 year olds (2004 Birth year):

  • Attend Iowa State Bantam Camp

The players selected for the Central District Tryouts go to Iowa State for the Central District Bantam Camp.

  • USA Hockey Development Camp

Players selected at the Bantam Camp move on the USA Hockey Development Camp.

15 year olds (2003 Birth year)

  • Attend Central District Tryouts

16 year olds (2002 Birth year)

  • Attend Central District Tryouts

17 year olds (2001 Birth year)

  • Attend Central District Tryouts

Program Organization

The Program starts on a regional level where talented players are identified and asked to move on to the district level to compete for a position on the District Select Team. The District Team competes in a festival style competition against the other nine USA Hockey districts teams. This process is highly selective and produces intense, high tempo competition and elevates the play of participants.

The selection process starts at the regional or affiliate level. Mid-West Hockey creates several teams from pre-registered skaters that compete in a two-day round robin competition. Players age 14, 15, 16, and 17 get the opportunity to compete for an allotted number of positions specified by the Central District. The best skaters will be offered the opportunity to repeat the process at the district level. The district venue is generally located in the Chicago metropolitan area. At the 14-year-old age group, USA Hockey offers a truly developmental experience. This age group does not participate in a festival competition. Rather, these younger skaters receive instruction from some of the best coaches in the country. For 15, 16, 17, the district camp produces the Central District Team that competes in a festival style competition later in the summer at Ann Arbor, Michigan or St. Cloud Minnesota.

The competition is tough and the allotments are few, but opportunities are many. For instance, many participants will have the opportunity to compete for positions in the In- District Bantam Camp that is held at Ferris State University. Additionally, participants are exposed to coaches of midget, junior and college teams who frequently attend these events. Many quality players that were not selected at the district level have secured other playing opportunities by exposure received through the select camp process. Ultimately, development is the key objective of the select process. Exposure is a reality of the process, and players not only get to compete for best district team in the United States, but also showcase their skills to NHL and college scouts. Once again, it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase skills and participate in the Olympic development process.

2017 Boys Player Development Results

2000 First Last 2001 First Last 2002 First Last 2003 First Last
Goalies Jack Faulkner Goalies Avery Sturtz Goalies Spencer Northway Goalies Caleb Raisty
Jake Sibell Chase Pabst Stephan Maslikowski Christopher Chirico
Alt Eric Wisnousky Alt Ethan Berning Alt Evan Lystiuk Alt Erick Chaffe
Def Colton Wilkie Def Tyler Fittro Def Bryce Battaglia Def Isaaco Leeman
Nikolai Jenson Luke French Tyler Sanborn Mcarthy Reed
Aaron Bohlinger Dominic Chirico Gavin Baumhover Alden Vanrooyan
Ethan Rodriguez Carter Hobbs Maxwell Tobin Galvin Moioffer
Alex Davis Russ Tedesco Mason Lamb Brecklin Denhartog
Alt John Craycroft Alt Nicholas Tigges Alt Tanner Oban Troy Hunsicker
James Curran Connor Couet Cameron Grajewski Brendan Shaner
Forward Reed Stark Forward Evan Ross Forward Hayden Rast Alt Will Volence
Jackson Willie Andrew Kozel Alexander Murphy Jermiah Synder
Clark Kerner Jack Zimmer yan Kametz Darrell Smilth
Tanner Edwards Cabrel Dunkle Cole Gilliland Forward Macus Miller
Logan Will Christopher Johnson Dallas D"Amato Casey Winders
CJ Hoyt Jarod Morgan Ben Sinnott Gage Gaherty
Martin Moioffer Alex Beville Nickolas Robinson Ashton Christman
Alt Austiin Becker Alt Carter Herbst Alt Paden Hicks Andrew King
Michael Mulkerrin Trenton Norris Blake Bakey
Dakota Lenz
Sam Eaton
Jackson Kinart
Carter Frost
Gavin Delfosse
Alt Brayden Almquist
Mason Johnston
Jackson White

2016 Player Development results

1999 2000 2001 2002
Goalies Dawson Zimlich Goalies Alex Henson Goalies Avery Sturtz Goalies Stephan Maslikoski
Sam Metcalf Jack Faulkner Ethan Berning Spencer Northway
Alt Zach Freiburger Alt Brad Adams Alt Gage Swierczuk Alt Erik McHenry
Alt Collin Patrick
Def Hunter Lellig Def Coltan Wilkie Def Luke French Def Noah Ellis
Garrett Anderson Brennan Couet Tyler Fittro Bryce Battaglia
Jackson Decker Ethan Rodriguez Carter Hobbs Tyler Sanborn
Tristan Culleton Cory Evers Dominic Chirico Gavin Baumkhover
Drew Westphal John Craycroft Conner Couet Cameron Grajewski
Alt Jaxon Jones Alt Max Taylor Alt Nicholas Tigges Dallas D'Amato
Alt James Curran Alt Luke Metcalf Alt Mason Lamb
Alt Jackson Taylor
Alt James Snyder
Forwards Gabriel Wahl Forwards Sam Renlund Forwards Konner Lundeen Forwards Trenton Norris
Luke Suter Logan Will Clark Krueger Hayden Rast
Kendrick Frost Clark Kerner Evan Ross Paden Hicks
Trevor Schroder Jacob Felker Jack Zimmer Alexander Murphy
Nick Spolec Noah Watkins Andrew Kozol Kaden Hjelm
Carter Krogman Triston Hughes Gabriel Dunkle Ryan Dunn
Kyle Schott Brockton Baker Christopher Johnson Blake Hawkins
Alt Jacob Chau CJ Hoyt Luke Toporowski Jacob Eshelman
Alt Chas Rometty Alt Riley Mays Alt Jared Morgan Ryan Kamentz
Alt Jacob Ferguson Alt Elliot Cohen
Alt Ben Sinnott
Alt Quinn O'Reily

2015 Player Development Results

1998 1999 2000 2001
Goalies Goalies Goalies Goalies
Preston Kostlan Sam Metcalf Jack Faulkner Avery Sturtz
Kevin Freestone Dawson Zimlich Alex Henson Hudson Hopper
Def Def Def Def
Bryan Yoon Garrett Anderson Colton Wilkie Tyler Fittro
Jordan Wishman Hunter Lellig John CrayCroft Luke French
Jeff Stack Kendrick Frost Ethan Robriguez Carter Hobbs
William Cardell Drake Beller Corey Evers Luke Edwards
Nick Woodward James Cardell Logan Ellingboe Dane Hickey
Cortin Knapp
Forward Forward Forward Forward
Ethan Frank Gabriel Wahl Noah Watkins Luke Toporowski
Casey Gilling Joe Krueger Matthew Allen clark Krueger
Austin Long Luke Suter Jacob Felker Evan Ross
Dane Johnson Dylan Jones Blake Hutton Christopher Johnson
Nicky Caprio Jacob Chau clark Kerner Jarod Morgan
Jonny Bennis Trevor Schroder Payton Siemer Nicholas Samuelson
Jaden Anderson Kyle Schott Zane Schmidt Jacob Ferguson
Drew Plfug Andrew Kozol
Max Beller
Alternates Alternates Alternates Alternates
Devin Gettman D Wesley Mentzel G Luke Weberg G Payton West G
Joshua Crandall D Jack Frieburger G Jeff Ranson D John Fritz-Wright D
Blake Nelson F Kurt Reidy D Brayden Roberts D Jack Zimmer F
James Turley F kevin Maxwell D Cale Accola D Michael Kramer F
Nick Spolec F Luke Shubert F Michael Mulkerrin F
Kaleb Kinskey F Riley Mays F
Simon Cardell F Trent Harsma F

2013 Boys Player Development Results

1996 Forward 1997 Forward 1998 Forward 1999 Forward
Patrick Grasso Tarek Baker Ethen Frank Gabriel Wahl
Lawton Courtnall Ethan Price Taylor Schneider Kyle Schott
Kyle Patava Jordan Hank Dane Johnson Connor Mayer
Anthony Song Zach Martin Bennett Norlin Matt Koethe
Luke Lijewski Ryan Finnegan Dawson Engle Jacob Chau
Jackson Bond Cameron Pries Drew Pflug Willie Reim
Tycho Falk Kasey Fitzjerrells Austin Eastep Luke Suter
Nicklaus Harder
Alternates Alternates Alternates Gavin Gulash
Mason Kreuger james Hale Ben Schmidling
Grant Anderson Patrick Lowe David Schmidling Alternate
Tristyn Sabina Beau Cook Shane Arnold Joe Krueger
Kevin Maxwell
Defense Defense Defense Tanner Royal
Rhodes Dolan Christian Evers Jake Toporowski Cole Patava
Jacob Tinker Tyler Brown Wesley Weissend
Matt Nehls Luke Osterman Jordan Wishman Defense
Mac Mcfarland Philp Heisse James Turley Hunter Lellig
Camden Van Brocklin Brennan Menell Thomas Dyball Garrett Anderson
Kendrick Frost
Alernates Alernates Alernates Blake Holmes
Joshua Kirby Jacob Taylor Nick Woodward Jackson Plug
Matthew Mansur Gade Bortsheller Jeff Stack Kurt Reidy
Alex Smith Tyler Kruse Cable Ernst
Goalies Goalies Goalies Ben Tinker
Nathan Churchill Maxwell Kerner Preston Kostlan Drake Beller
Nick Kossoff Sean Wendlanat Kevin Freestone Matthew Nedder
Mitchell Shulman
Alternates Alternates Alternates
Chance Kremer Lucas Van Dyke Braden Jajoie Goalies
Dawson Zimlich
Christian Herr
Sam Metcalf
Zack Freiburger