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Midwest Hockey League

MWAHA's Midwest Hockey League consists of 3 Divisions.
-MHL House Select Division for 10U, 12U, 14U teams
-MHL Travel A/B Division for 10U, 12U, 14U teams
-MGHL Girls Division for 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U all girls teams

Please click on the link for each division for more information.

Zero Tolerance Reminder

As the Midwest Hockey League strives to achieve a safe and fun environment for our athletes, USA Hockey helps us understand the effect of our behavior.  We request that all coaches, parents, and players please take a moment to review USA Hockey's power point presentation regarding their Zero Tolerance Policy.

Referee Requirements for MHL events

  • Two-member officiating crews are required (and compensated for by the MHL for Midget (all levels, all weekends)/Bantam (all levels, all weekends).
  • All MHL games, regardless of whether a Seeding or Finals weekend, require at least one official (preferably two) be over 18 years of age.
  • Two off-ice officials are required for each MHL game, a clock operator and a scorebook keeper
  • Adult Goal Judges are not mandatory but are encouraged.
  • Competing teams will provide penalty box attendants for their respective teams.
  • All off-ice officials, goal judges and penalty box attendants are to conduct them selves in a professional, non-partisan manner at all times. Conduct violations will result in ejections from MHL weekends for the remainder of the season.

Update Midwest Hockey League information

Midwest Hockey League (17 June 2017)

The Midwest Hockey League (“MHL”) will discontinue operations as a separate entity and operate as a committee governed by the Midwest Amateur Hockey Association affiliate (“MWAHA”).  The MHL Committee will report to the MWAHA Executive Committee.  Specifics include:

1) The MWAHA Executive Committee will appoint a Chairperson for the MHL Committee.
2) The MHL Chairperson will be a non-voting Director of the MWAHA.
3) The MHL Chairperson will identify a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of seven (7) individuals, to serve on the MHL Committee.
4) MHL Committee members shall be designation as follows:
a. Chairperson
b. Select League Coordinator
c. Travel League Coordinator
d. Up to Four At-Large members
5) The MHL Committee shall maintain a separate operating account under the MWAHA’s EIN number and 501(c)(3) status.  The MHL Treasurer shall submit monthly and annual financial reports to the MWAHA Treasurer.  The MWAHA shall incorporate MHL operations into its financial reports and annual State and Federal income tax filings.
6) The MHL will consist of teams from the associations within the MWAHA competing in an Open Tier 2 Division (typically AA, A and B travel teams) and a House Select division.  The former AA/A MHL structure will be discontinued due to lack of consistent participation among MWAHA member associations. If an association only has 1 travel team it will be considered the Tier 2 Travel team, however the association can petition to play in both the Tier 2 League and the Select League.
7) The MHL Committee will conduct an annual MWAHA Championship Tournament (“Tournament”) for the Open Division.  All MHL teams are eligible to participate.  The MHL Committee will establish Tournament eligibility and seeding criteria. The Tournament will be designed to maximize fun, cost effective and competitive play. By 31 December the associations will be required to play a minimum of six games against at least 3 different MWAHA Association teams. Teams will participate in a Regional playoff structure based on 3 Regions. The Regional Playoff structure will be determined by the MHL Committee. The MHL will seed teams within their Region based on their overall record against other teams in the MHL. The winner in each Region plus one Wild card will participate in a 4team year end MWAHA Championship. The Wild Card team will be similar to the NHL and will be decided based on their strength of play against other MHL teams. In the case of a tie the “My Hockey” ranking will be used to select the Wild Card, failing that, play against other teams will be used as a final determination. Teams will do their own scheduling and the only requirement will be to submit the game sheets to the MHL. The winning team from each Region as well as one “Wild card” team will receive a $500 travel allowance to support travel to the MWAHA Tier 2 Tournament. 
8) The Tournament will determine a MWAHA Affiliate Tier 2 Champion. The Tournament will also determine a State Champion for Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. The top teams by State will have the right to represent the Affiliate in the National Championship. A lower seeded team can represent their state if the top team chooses not to go or in the event that the Open Tournament is cancelled.
9)  The MHL Committee will also oversee MHL House Select play which will continue to incorporate three (3) weekends each season as in the past. To promote an overall league concept, associations must have at least one Tier 2 Travel Team playing in the League in order for their “Select” team(s) to participate in the Midwest League tournament. In the event that a team is unable to make a select weekend and games have not been canceled; the score sheet will reflect a 1-0 forfeit. In order to be eligible for the select league, all players on the team must be rostered and participating on a local house team, unless no such team is present. Players cannot play on any national bound team or on a high school team higher than a non-competitive JV level.
10) The MHL will conduct other League and / or tournament play to accommodate the associations within the MWAHA.