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to the Midwest Amateur Hockey Association. Official Affiliate of USA Hockey.

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Girls Midwest Team

Girls Midwest Team

04/23/2018, 9:30pm CDT
By Jade Pospeshil

Girls Midwest Team

First of all, I want to say Thank You!!!  For making the commitment for doing this and letting me coach your daughters.  What an awesome group of girls and I was so proud of them this weekend.  Wow.......I thought they did an amazing job for the first time being together!!!!!  Can't say that with enough sincerity.  We asked these girls to do a lot this weekend and I thought we got better with each game we played.  Closing out the weekend with a GREAT win was well deserved!


Just to give you a little perspective on the weekend......

The two teams we lost to on Saturday both won their games vs teams from Pool B today and played each other for the Championship where Team MN Development won 5-2.

The team we tied on Friday night won their game today

We won our game today which means that pool A (ours) had a clean sweep over teams in pool B.  


I was talking to the coach of the opposing team today before our game and he said that teams we played were the best 12U girls teams in MN.  He knew many of the girls on those teams.  They were darn good no doubt!


I think we turned some heads when people found out where we were from.  I love it, and that is what we are out to do.  We have a lot of girls in our affiliate (Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas) that can play hockey!


I hope everyone had a safe drive and made it home ok.  After a win it makes the ride home a little more enjoyable :)


We are in the process of finding some practice times and trying to find a summer boys team to play in Omaha.  I know that everyone has busy schedules and we likely won't find a date that fits for everyone.  I want everyone to know that I'm ok with that.  I encourage these girls to play other summer sports and think that is very important to their development and overall athleticism.  This is not a high-pressure program we are trying to run.  


I hope that all had fun because that is what is most important.


I'll be in touch as we get some practice stuff scheduled.  I should have our third tournament date here soon and we are schedule for the International Cup the first weekend in August.  



Jade Pospeshil


Response from one of the parents:

Grateful for all your work, not only this weekend, but everything you've done in the past couple of years to make this happen. 

I know that this is the only chance a lot of the kids have to play with other girls, and I'm thrilled everyone had a chance to spend the weekend at a place where seven sheets of ice were booked, dawn to dusk, with other girls playing hockey. 

Brian Reid

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