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2021-25 Playing Rule Changes

By Webmaster, 07/03/21, 12:30PM CDT


2021-25 Playing Rule Changes

USA Hockey approved rule changes during the June 2021 Board of Directors Meeting at Annual Congress.  These changes are for the 2021-25 seasons and take effect starting September 1, 2021.

Rule Change Summary

Below is a quick summary of rule changes that MWAHA has gathered.

Please refer to for specifics.

There were 9 rule changes that we would like to draw your attention to.

Body Checking -The Department of Player Safety recommended language that more clearly defines body checking and places emphasis of “Stick On Puck” and no use of hands, forearm or stick in delivering a body check.

Possession of Puck – A clarification that impacts when a Legal Body Check can be delivered by further defining “Possession” of the puck versus “Control” of the puck.

Length of Penalties – The Affiliate has the authority to implement changes in the length of penalties; for Minor Penalties if periods are 12 or less minutes, penalty 1 minute, if periods are 13 to 16 minutes, penalty 1 ½ minutes, if periods are 17 or more minutes, penalty 2 minutes. Similar changes for Major and Match penalties.

Icing – Except for Adult and High School, icing the puck when shorthanded will be called and a face in the penalized teams zone.

Offside - Except for Adult and High School, immediate offside, no delay or tag-up.

Game Misconducts – If player has 4 penalties in one game versus the current 5, it’s a game misconduct. If a team has 12 penalties in one game versus the current 15, the coach is ejected.

Match Penalty Suspensions – USA Hockey has recommended ranges for various Match Penalties. The Affiliate can offer the recommended suspension to a participant in lieu of a hearing.